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2 poems on transit: The exodus series contd. - Ajinkya

“How could they have been so irresponsible?” 

“They have no one but themselves to blame.”

“They had children, why weren’t they thinking about their children?” 

“Who sleeps on a railway track?”  Reactions to the Death of 16 Migrants Have Exposed Our Dangerously Low Empathy Quotient ____________

They had names. Dhansingh Gond. Nirvesh Singh Gond. Buddharaj Singh Gond. Achchelal Singh. Rabendra Singh Gond. Suresh Singh Kaul. Rajbohram Paras Singh. Dharmendra Singh Gond. Virendra Singh Chainsingh. Pradeep Singh Gond. Santosh Napit. Brijesh Bheyadin. Munimsingh Shivratan Singh. Shridayal Singh. Nemshah Singh. Deepak Singh.

Remember them. That blood on the tracks was of people abandoned to their fate


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