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2 poems - Shel silverstein

Note: The frequency of the Poetly newsletter is being deliberately reduced. This is in response to comments from many readers who have mentioned that the everyday nature of it might be too overwhelming, and good content might be lost in the mix. I’m also figuring out a rhythm, and so I think for now, I’ll continue to share poetry but keep it to a minimum of twice a week, maybe more.

I cannot remember who it is who said that there is no such thing as “children’s literature” - that good writing for children hides in its simplicity a depth of meaning and insight. Shel Silverstein’s witty, surreal book of poems and drawings for children “A light in the Attic” has been a delight for children and adults for many years. One of the few writers who could see like a child, Silverstein sometimes asks very large questions with the characteristic nonchalance of children whose curiosity and uninhibited sense of wonder turns the universe inside out.

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