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A poetly reading

Join us on Saturday, 7pm for an evening of poetry Dear poetry lovers, Poetly’s vision has always been to demystify poetry, to reclaim it from some special, vague space of inaccessibility.  At the same time, I have sought to go deeper into poems, their contexts, and the rawness of sensation that words can conjure.

In such trying times, as our systems fall apart around us and as we search for meaning, poetry serves as balm and inspiration. It is in this context that I bring to you the first online “Poetly Reading”. On Saturday evening from 7 pm onwards, 10 of us poets and poetry-seekers will share our love for poetry with you. We will be sharing a mix of poems and poets that we hold close to our hearts, along with original work.  You can join the event using this link for zoom: You would have to download zoom on your laptops, and the zoom app for you phones.

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