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a pun on the present - arun kolatkar

This is a poem from Arun Kolatkar's Jejuri. It is a collection of poems that circumscribes the religious pilgrimage spot in Maharashtra. People come in droves to pay respect to their deity khandoba. Everywhere there is 'yellow' - the colour of haldi.

Kolatkar's pilgrim walks through the landscape with a frugal, questioning eye. Without resorting to rhetoric or drama, Kolatkar draws out the absurdity of organised religion and the fragility of mythology- the basis of all experience in jejuri. Both the seeker and the sought play an intricate game.

Kolatkar is nothing but an observer. His words break down everything to its bare minimum. While he refuses to play into the hands of the brahmins and pandits, and other fixers, I see, in his writing, a sense of wonder. Not for the myth of Khandoba, but, perhaps for the metaphysical acrobatics of those who uphold it? for nature, for the hills. and for the butterfly that has 'no story behind it'.

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