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archaeology - Faiz

'the archaeological evidence cited in the judgement is inconclusive" “archaeology" dig. dig deep. you may not find god, but you will find yourself. you will find that language sticks like gravel between the toes. dig till you find bloodshot eyes, trembling fingers, cold sweat. the insipid breath of sleepless nights. dig past all that, they’re distractions. they come in the way of the real quest. dig deeper. let your tireless spade not rest until it finds truth. dig for your country. dig for your “qaum”. dig my friend. dig. don’t let those bloody invaders steal your thunder. your rage fires this torch of truth. dig you weakling. are you a son of man? under this sludge of mithya, there is real devotion. real bhakti doesn’t go unrewarded. dig to the sound of bells. dig in the name of ram. dig in sanskrit. dig to the sound of tiktok basanti. dig with yesterday’s papers under your armpits. dig with today’s shivling between your legs. dig you sons of bitches. pry out the ram rajya. grab religion by the balls, yank the shikha of your promised land. dance on the corpse of the infidels. why do you hide your belief you pusillanimous, pious fool? stand tall. brandish your spade like a trishul. bury the unbelievers in a mountain of your zeal. dig the earth of the holy spot, as if it were the last remains of your soul sticking to the spade like wet mud. don’t worry about the colour of vengeance. be fearless. what is a few drops of blood before the voice of Ram? this sacrifice we must make. be quiet. it is for your own good. "Aaj bazaar mein pa-ba jaula chalo" - faiz ahmed faiz video from "In custody"

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