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Bas Chaar Kadam - Kumar Jaihind (Recited by Deepa Pathak)

So much has been written about the plight of migrants, and the state’s desertion of its own. This is the first of two hindi poems I will be sharing that addresses this. Kumar Jaihind’s poem relays a conversation between a child and a father making the long journey back home. Jaihind invokes the grit and determination of those who undertake this arduous and fatal exodus. He contrasts their slow, measured progress with the “speed” of the country - the metaphorical train of development that has left them behind. Hard-hitting in its simplicity and detail, the poem comes alive with Deepa Pathak’s dramatic reading.

Poetly is overjoyed to have her sharing her love for hindi poetry and lighting up Jaihind’s words with tenderness and empathy.

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