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'chaos never died' - Hakim bey

Earlier I'd mentioned how there are two books that I like leaving around in friends places. Not books, explosives. Tools of mass disruption. Howl was one of them- this book is another. When I first read hakim bey, I stayed up all night, rereading and burning. With pent up ecstatic energy, I had this mad urge to get off the bus that I was traveling on. Vandalize it (godhead of capitalistic might that it was). Or do something to wake up everybody around me, and scream the truth at them. Just reach out, to find other wild children. Breathe fire into this stupor of modernity. I don't like calling the bey an anarchist. Because he'd clip me under the ear. His poetic philosophy (pamphlets, communiques, manuals for poetic terror) comes from a profound observation of society, engagement with those who lurked its peripheries, heretics and outlaws, occult traditions, and a rejection of the systems that govern the temples of modern society - Neo liberalism, capitalism and even structural democracy as political reorganization. His entry point is disruption, a complete upturn of every social institution as we know it, and the creation of subterranean modes of resistance and archiving of real creative endeavours. His vision of the human as completely stripped of all artifice and 'culture' - the idea that we were born perfect and it is social organisation that corrupts us, is a liberating manifesto for truth and creation. A political vision that is beyond left and right, his manifestos call for an awareness and empathy, that is at once deeply individual, yet sensitive to the possibilities of "meeting" as only wild children would. The community he imagines is awe inspiring and strikes terror in many, because it punctures the myths of modern civilization. In his activism, and his alleged views on children his ideas have been considered controversial, at times, but maybe, this had to do with the discomfort of those in power, with the raw honesty of his exhortations. These are a matter of interpretation of his texts.

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