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god lives in his words - tukaram

Such a joy to have for today's 'imagist' tukaaaaaa 😊 “Many miracles are attributed to Tukaram, and he is often compared to St. Francis as animals and birds loved him and he them. Birds often rode on his shoulders and sat on his instrument, which he kept slung around his neck when not playing it. With cymbals in hand and ecstatic tears on his face he would be seen in the streets dancing and singing his poems to god.” Tukaram wrote in Marathi (1608-1649), and has been a huge influence on Marathi literature as a whole. He was very prolific and some 8000 short poems are attributed to him. “…his poems are an intimate journal of discovering God within. Tukaram had no schooling except from his father, who came from the Sudra caste” quotes from Daniel Ladinsky - "Love poems from God" Poets and artists love echoing the idea that “God is in the detail”. so much so that we break gods into pieces, and sit surveying each particle of debri. searching the surface to see whether it is religion that is broken or the gaze. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of Gods and Godesses. I love the loopholes of myhtology. Gaping crevices that allow a people to plant their stories, their cultural dreams and their histories. Some of the best poetry that I’ve read and heard is “mystic” - the words of those who have confronted the truth of their own solitude and have come out on the other side rejoicing that the universe lives within them, and the beloved. There is a quaint kind of openness innate in the very experience of enlightenment that lends itself to expression. Imagine a kind of form that allows the explanation of that which is purpotedly incomprehensible, famously hermetic. Imagine conveying an experience of reality whose vehicle is not language or community. Imagine God. Imagine the silence of thought. Imagine poetry.

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