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haikus - david finlay, issa & basho

As i sit down today, in my balcony, to write about rain, and what it inspired in the imagination of the masters, a sudden gust of wind gathers the fallen dry leaves off the rooftops, and comes to give me company. It has started to drizzle. The tiny droplets tiptoe through the neighborhood, barely making their presence felt. It feels like a welcome interlude to the overcast winter evening. The rain goes about its work, scrubbing away, and rinsing the greasy Delhi sky. Before hanging it out to dry. It makes me pensive, this winter shower. I think of cummings whose gentle words immortalised his lover with a vision of endearing fragility, and, like the poets featured today, intense visuality - "nobody not even the rain has such small hands". The three haikus I've shared today are startling instances of the power of the minimalist aesthetic. These images come to us frozen in time, yet breathtakingly alive, as if a camera very very slowly zooms out of the point of origin of the vision, and the beginning of meaning. These epiphanies of nature are a microcosm almost of the way poetry grows on a sensitive reader - the word is like Basho's frog. as it jumps into the pond of the mind, a ripple makes a sound. a splash. a "kerplunk" (the link in the bio is a page with FORTY translations of this popular haiku).=and the universe slowly, gradually gathers around the sound. begins to take form. draw life.

PC: from 'Haiku| poetry ancient and modern' - a lovely anthology. #haiku #basho #imagistpoetry #minimalism #imagistpoets #imagism #image #nature #love #naturepoems #japanesepoetry #americanpoetry #vignette #shortpoems #littlejoys #silence #soundofwater #rain #somanyvarietiesofrain #poemaday #apoemaday #dailypoetry #poetrydaily #poetly #poetrycommunity #poems #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #communityofpoets #writerslife @ Delhi, India

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