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"If you prick us, do we not bleed?" - Shakespeare and communal conflict

I’m ashamed to call myself an Indian today. This is how Nazi germany began its holocaust with half the country sleeping as the fascists went about their business of building detention camps and COUNTING. Census, citizenship, national registrar of citizens - Do we really not know where we are headed?

The two excerpts from Shakespeare are well known. The dialogue is not mere theatrics - the lines are strangely familiar. and frighteningly so. Shylock talks of revenge. this is how i feel today. if I feel like this, then imagine how those who have been singled out as enemies of the state by omission, must be feeling. is there an end in sight?

For those unfamiliar with what is happening in India, the Hindu Nazi government has just passed a dangerous Citizenship Amendment Bill (a precursor to the National Registry of Citizens) whose only intent is to single out and persecute those from the Muslim community in the country, while propelling India as a haven for Hindus and those from other faiths. Detention camps are being constructed as we speak. Mukul Keshavan in the Telegraph delineates how the CAB creates a statutory basis for profiling Muslims.

What the BJP intends to do in the country is pretty clear from their manifesto. We must follow this document closely - the roadmap to the saffron utopia… I’ve always thought that when the real intent of the BJP becomes clear, when the extent to which they are willing to go comes to the fore, moderate Hindutvadis will turn against them. They will see the error of their ways. But now I am not so sure anymore.

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