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"looking for an angryfix": the poetry of Allen ginsberg

There are two pieces of literature that i like to leave lying around. Books that i deliberately forget at friends' houses when i go visiting. like anonymous gifts. in the hope that they are discovered, the way one finds playing cards scattered in the city.

Allen Ginsberg's Howl is one of them.

Howl is not literature. It is fuel. a scream. the ultraviolet showreel of a generation's insanity. an antidote to the silence brought on by ennui, and the frustrated toil of the anarchist. an 'angryfix'.

When it exploded on the the American literary circuit, it was feared by the uptight establishment. The censor Molochs roared obscenity. "What will happen to our children?”, they bellowed. But Ginsberg's words endured.

Howl draws a picture of an America reached with conformist and materialistic excess, the violence and absurd disparity engineered by the logic of capitalism. Howl is a ringside view to the decadence brought on by the embracing of modernity and its emphasis consequent inhumanity. He makes the political person through his documentation of experiences.

These are just a few excerpts. The images used are from Eric Drooker's animated interpretations of Ginsberg's poem.

The complete poem

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