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love is not all - edna st. vincent millay

Edna St. Vincent Millay's sonnets are refreshing in their brusqueness. There is a sense of irony in her seemingly clear convictions. She seems to be speaking about her beloved, saying deep emotional truths with a straight face, and by the end, letting a wry smile gently crease the side of her lips.

There is honesty in her articulation of love. What I love is the way the persona's convictions slowly shift, how her sarcastic critique of those who make great sacrifices for love, turns into an uncertain admission of the possibility of slipping into what she dismisses.

This constant back and forth between two extremes - two ways of relating to another, convey a complex persona whose stoicism is laced with a tender, passionate love.

Millay used traditional forms to great effect in a kind of poetic fervour that was filled with a modern sensibility. She was known for her 'progressive political stances, frank portrayal of both hetero and homosexuality, and, above all, her embodiment and description of new kinds of female experience and expression.'…/edna-st-vincent-millay

The paintings used are Henri de toulouse loutrec's portrayals of lovers in passionate embrace...

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