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'only what is human can truly be foreign' - wislawa szymborska

The first image of this post sets the context for Poetly's response to the absurdity of this parody of a nation state that we call India, today. With the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha, we have proved our commitment to the complete betrayal of the idea of India as a secular state.

What times we live in. honestly. sometime I wonder if I have gone mad, if my many friends, comrades and rebels have lost it. because the most fearful thing about these Nazi policies is that the rest of the country seems to want it! The image shows Modi's and Shah's lethal congratulatory exchange, along with the burning of the CAB at a rally in Jantar Mantar (rightfully so). when "things fall apart", I turn to poetry. to give perspective. today I told wislawa about what was happening, and she responded with a psalm. How ironic. Wislawa always has an answer. She sees the world as it should be. a plane that is deeper than the human gaze, that dislocates our self-obsession and lays bare the discourse of our "development" of our "nation states". With a clarity of vision that is almost supernatural, and an articulation so simple that even a child could grasp the complexity of our relationship with our environment, Wislawa states: "Only what is human can truly be foreign. The rest is mixed vegetation, subversive moles, and wind." the rest is silence...

#rejectCAB #boycottCAB #CABNRCSatyagraha

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