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reading prufrock with amol ranjan

and once again for today's post i have a friend and poet guest curating.

Amol's poetry has been featured on poetly in the past. It's such a joy to rediscover poems through the eyes of other lovers. Here is another T.S. Eliot masterpiece. Vaidehi had humbly submitted that Prufrock is his finest. Amol's account of the poem leaves us in no doubt 😊 but then....I grow old, i grow old, i wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled..... Over to you Amol Ranjan As someone who grew fond of literature after being fascinated by the art form cinema, I always thought Prufrork is one those iconic characters from my favorite film; atleast I imagined that to be or I so wished to be. Conflicted, venerable, indecisive, misunderstood, wearing weight of universe on his shoulders revealed in ‘muttering retreats’; Do I dare, Do I dare, disturb the universe? Or And should I then presume? And how should I begin? Or That is not what I meant at all; That is not it, at all. Yes, like a fan and as an aspiring true method actor (which I always wish to be), I have descended stairs with a bald spot in the middle of my hair; felt shores with the bottoms of my trousers rolled looking for mermaids singing each to each. It’s frightening that I have never been able to come out of this character; like second skin, it still sleeps with me; like a lover we always meet in that room. I have become bald and I still have that pajama. Who have not witnessed that smoke rising from the pipes, and had their questions rise and fall on their plate; have not prepared a face to meet or bitten off matters with a smile. It’s a character with we see through our windows-panes, during those soft October nights, between those tedious streets. Do you not? Have you seen him? Am I the only one who bought that cinema ticket? Presenting J. Alfred Prufrock

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