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saadhu dekho jag bhaurana - Kabir

Today's post is in the context of the impending judgement that has the power to drive the final nail into the coffin of this idea of India as a liberal, secular, free nation. "The atmosphere is so rife with genocide and hatred that the speaker goes so far as to say, “that we’ll soon start thinking of fresh air/ as something unIndian, alien/ and antinational”. The shadow of the apocalypse, however, looms large over the genocidal project of the vindictive sovereign." - Dawn, 'In India a poem composed after Babr Masjid tells takes of the country's past', May 2019 17 years ago we witnessed the demolition of the Babri Masjid by Hindu terrorist mobs. I was five, and have little memory of the event. I distinctly remember my grandfather whooping in joy though. And calling his friends and congratulating them. Many years later i heard from a dear friend about her experience during the riots in Bombay that this event unleashed- how their entire family cowered in fear, hiding in their neighbor's bathroom, because they'd forgotten to remove the nameplate in their apartment block that betrayed their Muslim identity. This is the India we're born into. These are the leaders we've voted back into power. Our poets knew this. They warned us. Kabir's radical voice cut through the bullshit. His words are a call for self reflection - the clarion call of the aazan, that pierces the morning, dissolving into birdsong, finding solace in the gentle warmth of the first rays of sunlight. Click on the link below to hear the song:

'Saadhu dekho jag bhaurana' This rendition of the song was used in Anand patwardhan's Ram ke naam (a film that chronicles the events that led up to the demolition)

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