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Song of the storm troopers - bertolt brecht

“In the dark times Will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing. About the dark times.” ― Bertolt Brecht “Motto to the ‘Svendborg Poems’ ” [Motto der ‘Svendborger Gedichte’] (1939) I'm reminded of Brecht today whose political drive and sensitivity affecting his theatre, poetry and song. A fierce critic of the Nazis, Brecht's connect with the peasants and the common people showed itself in his use of song, poetry and drama to express their plight. Brecht felt strongly about "persecution" (a word that is being thrown about far too lightly these days) and the cost of war. I share this poem today as the country steps out onto the streets in protest of a draconian law. Many do so in fear of being detained by the very authorities that are there to protect them. There's a news story going around about Thai police setting down their weapons and joining their comrades in the protests. A similar thing occured, when the police eased of after hearing protestors saying "Aaao hamaare saath chalo". The draconian CAA (Citizenship AMendment Act) has woken up the spirit of defiance in the country. Those who have sat on the fence have been forced to come out and take a stand - either for or against. The Police in various parts of the state have been manipulated into doing the bidding of a dictator. Section 144 has been imposed in various states (a aw that is used to maintain order during riots). This is not a riot, this is peaceful protest. This is civil disobedience that is healthy to a functioning democracy. My plea is to the police everywhere "Laathi maarna bandh karo, aaao hamare saath chalo" Trust me, you will realise, one day: "I know now by this victory 
I wrought my own defeat."


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