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'the night has created space for my rage' - namdeo dhasal

Yesterday was 6th December. I've been remiss in not paying homage to this country’s most organic, influential thinker, activist and social reformer - Baba saheb Ambedkar. I remember joining droves of people from across Maharashtra at Chaitya Bhoomi to observe "Mahaparinirvan Diwas”. Anybody’d who be a part of that crowd would understand what Ambedkar means to the the Dalits, the marginalised and the pariahs this society disdains. The number of crimes that are commited against Dalits in this country even today are horrifying. Caste is buried so deep in our collective subconscious that it will take a cultural reconfiguration to wash away its stain. Less than a week ago 17 Dalits were crushed under the rubble of a wall built by a brahmin landowner to keep out Dalit neighbours in Tamil Nadu. Yesterday was also the day of the Babri Masjid demolition. But there is only so much anger that one can channel through a single post…so let’s move to today’s poem. Namdeo Dhasal’s famous first line in this poem - “I’m a venereal sore in the private part of language” - frames his aesthetic of fracture, his gaze that disrupts and unsettles, a language that dismembers the facade of normalised discrimination. His rawness of experience scaffolds a cry for freedom that rings with a realism revelling in the darkness and disgust of its own situation. Dhasal’s poetry of rupture is a taunt, an expletive, a spur to action. “... The night has created space for my rage… a poem is arousing a corpse from its grave”. It is a scream. the pupil of a fiery storm that threatens to rinse away every injustice, every stain. This poem is the testimony of a revolutionary, and a Dalit. It is what we need today. what Rohit said in his suicide note. what Ambedkar meant when he said educate, organise, agitate. "Release me from my infernal identity Let me fall in love with the stars"

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