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Voyaging To Innocence: The March Edition - Words: Saima Afreen | Art: Cha

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I share with you today the third in the series of digital prints featuring artists’ interpretations of 12 different poems by Indian poets (released in monthly editions). This project is conceived as an anthology of digital wallpapers for desktops/laptops combining poetry and visual art. You can find the January edition here and the February edition here. The March edition features Saima Afreen’s “The Ocean Never Returns Our Names” interpreted visually by Charanya R.

The persona’s musings become a thread that weaves deftly through language, the natural world and the hide-and-seek of meeting and parting, experience and return. The spectre of nomenclature, of naming and identifying a fleeting, yet profound experience of togetherness is gently prodded - its form unravelled with the soft touch of water. The ocean becomes a witness, an archive - to history, to memory, and to love.

There is a particular texture that each element invokes, and the words make their way through the underwater landscape caressing whispered emotions and ancient stories.

There is a union of forms in the ebb and flow of language, of the ocean, and of the mysteries of relationship. Charanya echoes this in her art - “it felt immersive to see the ink dissolve into water; the ocean’s blue meeting the ink’s hue”. The waves in the painting take on other forms, becoming language, curling into fingers, “waiting”.

The image leaves one with a sense of yearning, but also, of acceptance; of falling back gradually into a bed of history, myth and the eternity of the ocean. Click on the image to properly view, download, and set it as your wallpaper.

Saima Afreen can be followed here Charanya R can be followed here.

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